Westlife - Fool Again Chords

Fool Again 

C                 G
Baby, I know the story
I've seen the picture
        G              C
Its written all over your face
C                  G
Tell me, whats the secret
That you been hiding
       G                 C
And whose gonna take my place


    F                  G
I should have seen it coming
    Am                 F
I should have read the signs
Anyway...(Anyway) I-guess-its-o-ver

   C              G              Am
Can't believe that I'm the fool again
    F                       G
I thought this love would never end
    C       G              A
How was I to know - you never told me
    C              G             Am
Can't believe that I'm the fool again
        F                  G
And I thought you were my friend
     C          G                A
And how was I to know - you never told me....

Verse 2 (Chords as verse 1)

Baby, you should have called me,
When you were lonely
When you needed me to be there
Sadly,you never gave me,
Too many chances
To show you how much I care

Repeat Pre-Chorus +Chorus

C            G         Am          G
If I could I would , turn back the time

Repeat pre-Chorus